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Foreclosure Defense & Loan Modification

Areas of Law We Handle in New York

At E. Waters & Associates, P.C., we handle foreclosure issues by providing quality defense for each of our clients. We have helped hundreds of our clients obtain loan modification relief and guided them through other financial crises. During a free case evaluation, we can discuss your best defense options based on the specific details of your case. Our legal team has substantial experience handling the following types of cases:

Deed in Lieu

If it does not appear that you will be able to stop your home foreclosure in New York, the deed in lieu of foreclosure will allow you to transfer the title of the property to a lender. The benefit of a deed in lieu of foreclosure is to relieve you of most, if not all, of your personal responsibility with the loan.

Defective Mortgages

In many cases, mortgage brokers make the terms of a loan unfavorable to the borrower in favor of the lender. If your mortgage broker, who is supposed to act in your best interest, provided you with unfair terms in the loan, the mortgage may be defective mortgage.

Foreclosure Defense

If you are faced with the prospect of foreclosure, you will need to know the available defensive actions we can help you use to save your home. Many individuals who are faced with foreclosure do not realize the many foreclosure defense actions that are available to them in New York.

Foreclosure Options

Are you facing foreclosure? Some of the foreclosure options that you have available to resolve this financial issue includes short sale and mortgage modification. As you select the best possible option, you should seek qualified legal guidance to stop the mortgage foreclosure.

Loan Modification

One option to stop the foreclosure of your home is a mortgage loan modification. The option of a loan modification can stop foreclosure and allow you to keep your house. One kind of mortgage modification is negotiating a recapitalization agreement which is negotiated with the lender about past due amounts that are then added to the principle balance.

Short Sale

Short sales are when a homeowner or lender enters into an agreement and sells his or her home for a lesser amount than the amount they owe to the lender. The amount made from the sale is then turned over to the lenders. If you are facing foreclosure, a short sale is an option to have your debt satisfied.

Legal Representation from E. Waters & Associates, P.C.

Our legal team understands that financial disasters are one of the most complicated and emotionally challenging issues that a family or individual could face. Financial issues are one of the top reasons that marriages dissolve and they can result in serious stress to all parties involved. If you are facing foreclosure and want to save your home, our foreclosure defense & loan modification lawyers have what it takes to help! Contact us today. We have locations in New York, New Jersey, & Connecticut.

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